Sunny-Side Up - Wario Land 4 OST.

When I first heard this, I thought it was so cute and random, it really struck a chord in my heart for some reason. I hope I’m not the only one that it had that effect one. :D

Japanese lyrics:
Hello there! / Ukurere Mitaina / Tabiwo Shiyo / Aruite Iko Tsukino / Kakewaro Hiroinagara / Chizuno Kawarini Kyanbasu / Nijino Shizukude / (Somemasho) / Hinodeni Mainauyoni / Boyaketa Tokeiwa Oiteko / Umini Tameiki Tokashite / Ishini Koewo Kizamo / Tsukiwo Supuni Ukabetara / Hyougarano Kumoga Warau

English lyrics:
Hello there!/ Let’s take a trip/ Like a ukulele/Let’s go on foot/ While Picking up moon fragments/ (Let’s color)/ Canvas instead of a map/ With drops of rainbow/ Let’s put up a blurred clock/ So that we can make sunrise/ Let’s dissolve our sighs in the sea/ And carve our voices in stone/ When we float the moon in soup/ A leopard-print cloud/spider will laugh/


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